The Qasid Institute strives to provide the greatest personal and educational value through various discounts, work|study arrangements, and a limited number of scholarship and financial aid awards. At first glance, Qasid may appear considerably less expensive than most European and North American university-based Arabic programs, while also being among the more costly of Mideast-based institutes. The underlying reasons for the latter observation are two-fold: first, maintaining higher quality (teachers, curriculum, administration) requires a higher operating budget than regional norms, and second, rather than “nickel & diming” students (such as touting a low tuition price, but then charging extra for numerous essential services), Qasid instead offers a comprehensive tuition package, which includes the following:

  • Student registration;
  • Modern Standard Arabic and|or Classical Arabic courses;
  • All instructional materials for MSA Levels 4 and 5, and Classical Arabic Levels 1 to 5

(Textbooks for MSA Levels 1 to 3 are not included in the tuition because those texts are not regularly available in Jordan and will cost less in your home country);

  • Complimentary airport welcome and Qasid shuttle service from the airport to the student’s place of accommodation, and return ride to the airport from their residence for their flight home from Jordan;
  • Orientation outing to heritage sites in scenic Northern Jordan;
  • Facilitating travel visa extensions from a 30-day visitor pass to a 3-month visa (US, Canadian, and European passport holders), and then renewals up to six months;
  • Complimentary use of our wireless, Wi-Fi internet network and terminals. Students are invited to bring their own wireless-enabled laptop.

Introduced initially herein then, are Qasid’s base tuition rates for its core academic programs, and a range of options for receiving discounts, both of which are in effect for the 2014 winter quarter onward. The current fees for onsite Private Tutoring are presented after the discount tables, followed by information on how deposits, payments, and refunds are handled. The tuition for Supplementary Courses, Advanced Course Modules, is generally between 150 and 200 Jordanian dinars per course, although the actual costs for these offerings and for Diplomat|Corporate|Group Study packages do vary. So it is best to contact Qasid Admissions for the most current information. Admissions may also be sought for further information on work|study and scholarship or financial aid opportunities.

Core Programs
Half Program Pricing
Academic Credit
Private Tutoring
Deposit and Tuition Deadlines
Payment Methods
Refunds and Tuition Adjustments