Qasid’s Ammiya Program (Jordanian Dialect)

Even the most experienced Arabic students will notice something in their first cab ride, or grocery store transaction in Amman: the locals don’t typically use the Fusha. In other words, having a background in the local dialect is one of the best ways for students to maximize their daily interaction and communication whether travelling, studying or working abroad.

This course is crafted to help students master local, everyday language usage, so that they feel better integrated into their regional surroundings, living and working among native Arab speakers in any setting. Ammiya is a recognized as a necessary facet of any student’s progression towards that coveted, native-like language proficiency.

The Course is Comprised of Five Levels

The first level  focuses on speaking practice while introducing students to commonly-used vocabulary, expressions and structures found in Jordanian Ammiya or Colloquial Arabic. It includes expressing and asking about personal information, navigating daily life, getting around town, shopping, dining out, and customary social greetings.

The second and third levels focuses on speaking practice while building a student’s foundation in the commonly-used vocabulary, expressions and structures found in Jordanian Ammiya or Colloquial Arabic. Classroom activities will engage students in practical application through increasingly complex role playing and dialogue to reinforce concepts and use of more varied, nuanced structures. It includes topics central to daily life whether you are expressing or exchanging information related to work, study or recreation, reserving lodging and transportation, or giving personal opinions on common topics. This will help you: –

  • Feel more at ease when interacting with local, native Arabic speakers whilst helping you understand immediate Ammiya usage common on billboards, cartoons, radio, internet and TV and appreciate many interesting facets of Arabic culture.

The fourth and fifth levels build on a student’s solid foundation in Jordanian Ammiya or Colloquial Arabic and aims to take them to higher levels of expression and understanding. Converse and interact with local, native Arabic speakers with greater confidence based on a solid proficiency in colloquial Arabic, Engage Ammiya-based media and advertising (print, online, radio, TV) with comfort and good understanding and Express advanced-level key colloquial vocabulary, and structures in a variety of real-life situations.

  • This will compliment one’s studies in Modern Standard Arabic by teaching how to frame structured arguments mixing between Ammiya and MSA to support opinions, construct hypotheses, and discuss matters of particular interest on specialized topics.

The Academic Director of Arabic Studies at Qasid advises, “When Ammiya is effectively blended with one’s Fusha or Modern Standard Arabic training, there is a real depth and a higher level of Ammiya proficiency, hence complimenting each other.”

Included are books and material for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Course Cost: 265 JOD
It covers one term, 30 hours (Includes books for Beginning and intermediate levels and materials for the advanced levels)

2022 Fall Term 

When: The week of September 11th to the week of November 27th (note: your classes may not start on precisely September 11th)

4:30pm to 6:00pm (Amman time)

1.5 class hours per session, two times a week. Each class hour is 50 minutes.
30 class hours in total
Where: In person at Qasid Arabic Institute 
Registration Process:
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    • Interviews will be held via Zoom
  • After you’ve completed the above our team will get in touch with you while we prepare the schedule
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