Diplomat, Corporate, and Group Studies

Although Qasid’s year-round academic schedule was created to complement the schedule of most US universities, we recognize that the pace will not always offer an ideal fit in some regard for a number of students. Some will want a more intensive concentration of hours, while others will want a complete emphasis on either the sciences or skills.

Thankfully, because of the wide-ranging backgrounds and areas of expertise of Qasid’s instructors, we are able to offer customizable educational packages to diplomats, as well as corporate and student groups. These can be arranged at any time of the year, and do not need to correspond to our established, normal-year academic calendar.

It should also be noted that for those groups who wish to create a hybrid academic|cultural-tours package, Jordan is a worthy candidate. Several organizations have in recent years given its group members an opportunity to travel to places such as Spain, Turkey, and China, experiencing these historic lands through a combination of cultural tours|vacations. Qasid can add an educational dimension to this, allowing group members to return home with both an appreciation of the rich Arab and Islamic culture found in Jordan, as well as a foundational knowledge of Arabic grammar and the “Classic 4” skills.