Safety and Health

Many Middle Eastern countries are undergoing seismic changes, politically, economically, and socially. Despite recent headlines, Jordan has largely been shielded from these region-wide upheavals, and Amman, the capital city where Qasid is located, has experienced a great deal of growth. It is large enough to offer most of the creature-comforts that students from the West take for granted, but small enough to be manageable and safe. A beginning student will find the overall environment in Amman to be far more familiar and suitable for learning than other major cities in the Middle East.

Throughout the city, mobile phone calling plans are made available upon arrival at nominal cost to students who are interested, and prolific internet access provides yet another means of speaking directly with friends and loved ones for pennies a minute—or less.

Jordan’s health services are considered to be among the best in the Middle East; citizens from across the Middle East and North Africa regularly come to Jordan for health care. Many of the country’s doctors completed part their residency requirements in the US | UK | Canada, so most are bilingual. Equipment is first-rate, and care is provided at a fraction of the cost without need for insurance. Though virtually all of the ubiquitously-used prescription drugs are available in Amman, we recommend that admitted students bring any items that are absolutely crucial to one’s well-being.