Ammiya Program Policies

Tuition Payments and DepositsThe costs for the Amiyya courses are described:Payment in full is due prior to the first session of each course.Withdrawals and RefundsFor all applicants to Ammiya courses, 100% of their related tuition and deposit will be refunded if the minimum quota of 6 students is not reached during registration. Students who register and withdraw prior to the first session will receive a 50% refund. After the first session, no refunds will be provided.Amiyya Course Absences and TardinessBecause our Amiyya Course is eligible for transferable academic credit, students pursuing this option will be held to a minimum attendance standard. In other words, attendance will be recorded regularly for the entire class, but absences will only have academic ramifications for those taking the class for credit.A student may miss up to 2 individual class sessions of the Amiyya Course before Qasid reserves the right to begin deducting 2% from their final grade for each class session missed thereafter. Also 2 partial absences of the Amiyya class is recorded as 1 absence. This will also result in a deduction of 2% from your final grade after missing 2 classes.In the occurrence of a student’s absence or tardiness, irrespective of cause, Qasid instructors are not obligated to review any missed lesson material in the class or outside of class. The student is solely responsible to attain any missed lesson material, instructions, or assignments.Consequences for anticipated and legitimate, but unavoidable, absences from Amiyya Courses due to medical, professional, visa renewal issues, and the like, or extraordinary circumstances, such as a death in a student’s immediate family, or other similarly unanticipated, serious, and time consuming events will be handled on a case by case basis.Deadline ReminderFor all Amiyya course offerings, please be sure to sign up by the marked deadline**,** as once the schedule is set it will be very difficult to amend.