Books to Purchase

As mentioned in the acceptance email, please note that in our Modern Standard Arabic track (MSA), the main textbook used is the Al-Kitaab Series (2nd Edition). Currently, we use Book 1, and Book 2 of the series in our Levels 1, 2 and 3, respectively . We do not teach from Alif Baa. Rather, students who are learning the Arabic alphabet, writing and sound systems are provided with materials at Qasid. Additionally, Al-Kitaab Book 3 is not used. After Level 3, students only authentic Arabic materials. Due to the price of shipping and customs, students who have experience with the series are advised to purchase their book before arriving in Jordan. Those who are unable to purchase their book before arriving may do so at Qasid. However, it should be noted that availability is limited. When deciding on which book to purchase, please keep in mind that each one of Qasid’s levels covers roughly the equivalent of one year’s worth of University Arabic. In our Classical Arabic track, the books used have been prepared by Qasid and are readily available at the Institute.