Money Matters

ATM machines throughout the city can be used to withdraw cash from US, Australian, or European-based bank accounts. The vast majority are on the Star or Cirrus network. A nominal transaction and change-of-currency fee are assessed. If your home bank is partnered with any Middle Eastern banks with Amman branches, you may be able to withdraw from your account without accruing any fees. While personal checks can be cashed with a nominal 2-5% commission, the clearing time of several weeks makes them quite impractical. Similarly, traveler’s checks have increasingly become a less common means of payment.Amman offers the creature-comforts found in most major cities, while minimizing many of the drawbacks normally entailed, such as unbearable traffic jams, pollution, and high rates of crime. It is one of the most popular summer getaways for Arab nationals, and hosts millions of American and European tourists in late spring. Because of this boom, living costs in Amman have increased in the past several years. Prospective students requesting an application package will receive detailed estimates of tuition, housing, food, and miscellaneous expenses.