Orientation Day (Summer 2017)

The 2017 Spring Term orientation will take place on Tuesday March 21, 2017. Students who are unable to attend on March 21st will be able to take part in a make-up orientation on March 22nd.This time our orientation is going to be held in Jalaad Cultural Center, positioned on the highlands behind the Scandinavian Forest, having an amazing view over both the city of Amman and the mountains of Al-Salt.

March 23 Update

  1. The orientation trip to Ajloun Castle for all new students is changed to 1 April 2017.

March 20 Update

  1. The weather for orientation day is expected to be mostly sunny|partly cloudy with a high of 66 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 50 (19 and 10 in Centigrade). As such, please make sure you bring a light jacket or sweater with you in order to remain comfortable.
  2. We will be organizing an orientation trip to Ajloun Castle for all new students. The trip will take place on March 31st and is free of charge. You can sign up for the trip tomorrow at the orientation.
  3. Students who are unable to attend the orientation on March 21st are asked to come to Qasid on March 22nd at 10:00 AM for their placement exam. A general and academic orientation will be held thereafter from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Orientation Schedule [su_row]07:40 AM 08:00 AM 08:40 AM to 10:00 AM 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM 12:45 PM to 01:45 PM 01:45 PM to 03:45 PM 03:45 PM to 04:30 PM 04:30 PM

Address for Qasid

22 Queen Rania Street (University Road). We are located on the third floor of Building 22 (known for the “Haboob” grocery store on the ground floor), next to Mukhtar Mall (click here to view a map)For students taking a taxi, please either copy down or print out the following Arabic text of our address and take it with you.

مركز قاصد المدينة الرياضية قرب دوار المدينة جنب المختار مول عمارة رقة ٢٢ الطابق الثالث بنفس عمارة مطعم الاوائل وحبوب

This way, you may either read the address to the cab driver or simply hand him the piece of paper (if you choose the latter, we recommend having the text printed out rather than writing it down).If all else fails, please call us at 06 515 4364 (Qasid’s land line number), Omar Matadar at 077 670 3222, or Ayman Al Adarbeh at 077 655 3366