Our Team

An experienced teacher means different things to different people, but at Qasid it means one thing: uncompromising excellence. Nearly all of our instructors have either completed or are on track to complete an advanced graduate degree, and full-time instructors go through a rigorous training module. Learning a new language requires an environment that is hospitable, safe, and encouraging, and the expertise of a particular teacher is shown more vividly when responding to a struggling student with cross-cultural sensitivity, patience and creativity, than when discussing the finer points of grammar. Fortunately, our instructors are adept at both.

Working closely with the instructors is Qasid’s administration, comprised of American, British, and Arab professionals who bring a healthy mix of customer service, a working knowledge of Western learning models and organizational structure, and an uncompromising attention to detail in creating an optimal learning environment.

The administration takes an active role in the academic development of each student in three main ways:

  • Skills assessment and optimal class placement (detailed below)
  • Meetings with faculty and staff to regularly check in with a member of the administration to make sure that course objectives are being realized
  • Three, vigorous, student evaluations of the course, staff, and administration, addressing all aspects of life at Qasid, both inside and outside of the classroom. Qasid prides itself on having cultivated a “360 degree” review culture; accordingly, staff spend several days poring over these evaluations, developing a specific plan to address common concerns in a timely manner.