Housing Overview

We believe that a comfortable living situation has as much to do with a student’s academic success as does the classroom environment, curriculum, and instructor. Accordingly, we have dedicated a number of staff to assist with housing placement, housemate matching, and offering guidance related to budgeting, belongings to bring, and other student life questions. Based on consistent feedback that we’ve received from students over the past fifteen years, it seems that these services are quite rare among private Arabic institutes in the Middle East. However, as your hosts from the moment you arrive until your final departure from Amman, our team views these aspects as absolutely vital to rounding out and bringing to life your Arabic learning experience.

With this responsibility in mind, we have procedures in place to ensure that no one is inadvertently left without accommodations. For all conventional students—those not included in prearranged, Partner Program housing (see definition below)—these steps begin with the submission of an online housing form which informs us of your desire to request Qasid Housing or to find your own, Independent Housing.

This form is required for all such students intending to attend Qasid for the upcoming term—both new and continuing students—regardless of whether your plans include Qasid Housing or finding your own, Independent Housing arrangements.

The housing form becomes accessible about five weeks before each term for all applicable students who have an active, Qasid portal account, and who have received their admissions acceptance. If you meet this criteria after the notification date mentioned below, the button at the bottom of this page will take you directly to the housing form on your portal home page (otherwise found within the Service Requests menu there). If you don’t have a portal account, you may create one here and if you forgot your password, click here.

The subsequent steps in the process for the most recent term are outlined immediately below, followed by essential housing dates for future terms. Overviews of all factors involved in the housing process are then described in the pop-open sections thereafter. We encourage everyone to review those topics and then contact us if any questions still remain unanswered.

We’re looking forward to having you join us.

2018 Summer term housing dates and deadlines

14 May 2018  |  The housing preference form becomes accessible to all applicable, admitted students.

All students enrolled for the 2018 summer term—excluding prearranged housing recipients—are sent a notification email on this date with information about completing the housing form requirement. If you do not receive this email and believe you should have, please contact housing@qasid.com as soon as possible.

22 May 2018  |  Deadline to submit housing forms.

The housing form submission deadline marks the start of the room assignment phase of the housing process. As of this date, all late admitted students are still required to submit the housing form. Although late housing forms will continue to be accepted, applicants for Qasid Housing will not receive the highest priority in the fulfillment of their preferences.

Those who wish to apply for Qasid Housing after this date should contact housing@qasid.com to inquire about the latest availability.

30 May 2018  |  Housing assignments sent to those awarded a reservation.

Those granted a Qasid Housing assignment receive an email offer detailing key aspects of the rental agreement. All Qasid Housing housing assignments must then be acknowledged online as either accepted or declined in order for us to conclude the reservations and procure apartments to meet the given demand. A link to the acknowledgment web form will be provided in the assignment email notice.

03 Jun 2018  |  Deadline to acknowledge housing assignments.

We confirm all accepted housing assignments, while those which remain unacknowledged by this date are subject to cancellation, as we understand a lack of response to indicate an intention to decline the offer and forfeit the reservation. At this point, we will begin reassigning unaccepted rooms to students on the wait list.

18 Jun 2018  |  Housing move-in begins at 5:00 PM.

Newly attending students who would like complimentary shuttle service to their Amman home upon their arrival—be it Qasid Housing or their own housing arrangements—should submit Qasid’s online Airport Transportation form available in the Service Requests menu of their portal homepage.

20 Jun 2018  |  First day of orientation events.

24 Jun 2018  |  First day of classes.

17 Aug 2018  |  Housing checkout no later than 12:00 NOON.

Qasid Partner Program housing

Listed below are the Partner Programs we expect to be with us for the 2018 Summer term. Continuing students in Partner Programs not listed below who are attending the present or prior terms will maintain their current housing form arrangements.

Otherwise, for Partner Program students newly joining us, those participating with groups in the first list must submit a housing form, while those in the second list should not submit one. If you have any questions about your housing form obligation, please contact housing@qasid.com.

Qasid Partner Programs Submitting Housing Forms

University of Exeter

University of Oxford |  Year Abroad

School of Oriental and African Studies | (SOAS) Year Abroad

Anadoglu Agency

Manchester University

Turkish Ministry of Education | YLSY

University of Oslo

Davidson College

University of Edinburgh

Qasid Partner Programs NOT Submitting Housing Forms


North Carolina State University

Housing move in and checkout dates for future academic terms

To plan ahead, please reference the following information for upcoming housing periods. We recommend checking back on occasion as well, to learn about additional deadlines which may be added as each term approaches, and information for academic terms beyond those currently listed.


2019 Winter term 

28 Dec 2018  |  Housing move-in begins at 5:00 PM.

17 Mar 2019  |  Housing checkout no later than 12:00 NOON.


2018 Spring term 

20 Mar 2018  |  Housing move-in begins at 5:00 PM.

11 Jun 2018  |  Housing checkout no later than 12:00 NOON.


2018 Summer term ( Additional details are listed above )

18 Jun 2018  |  Housing move-in begins at 5:00 PM.

17 Aug 2018  |  Housing checkout no later than 12:00 NOON.


2018 Fall term

03 Sep 2018  |  Housing move-in begins at 5:00 PM.

07 Dec 2018  |  Housing checkout no later than 12:00 NOON.


Housing Topics Overview

Shared here below is an outline of our housing philosophy and some best practices connected to this, the two main housing options available to you as an incoming student, and important considerations relevant to each of these options.

Our Approach to Housing
Housing Options
Qasid Housing Details
Housing Costs and Payments
Commitments and Cancellations
Process Overview
Partner Program Group Housing
Housing Guidelines

A note about portal accounts

If you are a university student or staff member, when creating your portal account please do so using a personal email address, and not one assigned by your university with a domain name which includes a reference to the university or which ends with the “.edu” suffix. Our email communications with you are likely to be rejected or treated as spam in such cases, blocking important Qasid information from reaching you.

If have already established your portal account with a university email address, please contact isa@qasid.com to reset your account with a personal address.

Important points to remember

1. The housing preference form is required for all students planing to attend Qasid for the upcoming term—both new and continuing students—regardless of whether your plans include Qasid Housing or finding your own, Independent Housing arrangements, unless your accommodations have been prearranged as a member of a Qasid Partner Program or due to another unique situation.

As your hosts throughout your stay, this procedure assures that no one is inadvertently left without a residence during their studies with us. It also updates your student records to ensure that all relevant communications reach you, while irrelevant ones are avoided.

2. If you are applying for enrollment independently of a Qasid Partner Program we ask that you complete the housing form accessible below ONLY for the seasonal, academic term listed in the form heading, and ONLY if, for that term, you have :

  • been admitted to Qasid,
  • paid your tuition deposit,
  • signed the student policy agreement.

If you have NOT done all three of these things, please take care of them BEFORE submitting the housing preference form. For more information about completing these requirements, either email us at admissions@qasid.com, or find the links under the “Admissions” tab above.

3. If, however, by the housing form deadline your admissions application is accepted  but you have still not completed the tuition deposit payment and | or not signed the student policy agreement, please submit the housing form anyway. For such students who request Qasid Housing we will reserve a room for you although we can not confirm your reservation until those items are fulfilled.

Contact Information

General housing inquiries  |  housing@qasid.com

Housing facility problems  |  housingcare@qasid.com

Housing internet service  |  support@qasid.com

Student Portal inquiries  |  isa@qasid.com

Admissions inquiries  |  admissions@qasid.com

Financial inquiries  |  accounts@qasid.com