A multi-day trip to Egypt that will give students cultural and linguistic immersion in Arab-Egyptian society and the opportunity to indulge in a historical, touristic, religious and Islamic experience.

Student testimonials from previous trips

Since we went with three native Arabic speakers, one of whom is Egyptian, I felt we were able to do things that were authentically Egyptian as opposed to things that were purely touristy.

I would highly recommend this trip to any and all Qasid students. It’s a quick trip, so you only get a taste of Egypt, but it is so worth it. Cairo is an enormous city, so going with people who know the city and speak the language makes everything easier and less stressful. One of my favorite parts of the trip was sitting in an alleyway in a 600 year old market drinking tea and just observing everything that was going on around us. I also really enjoyed going ATVing in the desert at sunset — it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. All in all, this trip surpassed all my expectations and I had a truly wonderful time. I highly highly recommend it.

Mia Veissid

The trip, for all of the wonderful things included, was excellent value that I really don’t think I could have replicated alone. The staff also seemed to know a lot about the area which made it easy for us to visit places and try new things while not feeling super touristy. I learned new words in Arabic, chatted to locals, learned lots about the culture and felt safe wandering around alone when I knew that there would be someone to go to with any problems.

Daisy Hill - Exeter university

Perfectly organized. Feels like traveling with/as a local.

Xinyi Cai - USA

Qasid had excellent knowledge of Egypt and Cairo which allowed us to visit places that I wouldn’t have known to visit if I went alone. Qasid gave us opportunities to speak Arabic with locals especially and I felt much safer and confident travelling with this group. Being led into cultural immersion by Hani particular and being taken to the places that I wouldn’t have known about without going with Qasid. The group feeling and dynamic that I felt exploring Egypt with others that hadn’t been before was great. Quad biking and camel riding with view of the pyramids was the most memorable part for me.

Tabitha Kirkwood

I enjoyed the trip to Egypt so much. It was a unique location and one that is not easily accessible from the U.S. Studying in Amman puts you in proximity to several different countries and cultures, which can broaden your language skills and deepen your understanding of and appreciation for the Middle East’s cultural diversity. The Qasid staff was also very helpful and fun to be around. They enriched the experience and behaved more like friends and peers than chaperones. They joined in on the fun and enjoyed it just as much as the students. This is unique and not normally the case with trip chaperones.

Andrew Larsen - USA

Ayman, Hani, and Amer are a super star staff

Alexander Werman - USA