Explore Jordan through the eyes of a beduin by exploring the desert by jeep, camp out in the sands, hike or climb the mountains of history by climbing the city of Petra.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is at the heart of any visit to Jordan, a landscape so magnificent that it leaves all but the most unromantic at heart dreaming of casting everything aside to lead the life of a nomad. And that’s possible – at least for a day amid the area's camps, as you explore by foot, camel or 4WD and scramble up mountains. It is an unforgettable way of stripping the soul back to basics.


Take trip down to the ancient “rose-red” city of Petra, carved into the rocky mountains of Jordan desert. The ancient city of Petra embraces human history on an epic scale. The breadth of the site, which is sprinkled over numerous mountains, accessed via narrow slot canyons and stretches across dry river beds, means a visit to Petra demands time. Get an up close opportunity to see the sites main highlights including the Siq, the Treasury, the Obelisk Tomb, and more.

Student testimonials from previous trips

Traveling with Qasid to Dana reserve and Wadi Mujab was a unique experience, because of the generosity and care of the chaperones as well as the locations. Dana reserve is a beautiful nature reserve in Southern Jordan. During the trip we were able to hike to breathtaking views and enjoy traditional bedouin foods and culture. Wadi Mujib is like nothing I have ever seen before. It was exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding. I would have never thought something like it existed in Jordan. A truly memorable experience!

Andrew Larsen