Classical Arabic is Morocco’s official language, its Arabic dialect (Darija) is the most widely spoken language in Morocco. Morocco’s culture is a blend of religious and ethnic traditions, encompassing Berber, ArabAfrican, Mediterranean, and Jewish influences.

From couscous to the tajine, Berber culture is the backbone of Morocco. Stop for a traditional mint tea, linger over conversation and enjoy the hospitality. 

The spirit of Morocco finds full expression in art and architecture rendered with extraordinary craftsmanship. Morocco is a country with so much culture, landscapes and amazing food. 

Morocco is a world of coastal villages, mosques (eg, Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca), desert, beaches, colorful-painted towns (like Chefchaouen) and souks that cling to hillsides. 

Around the beautiful landscape of the atlas mountains are ancient Berber villages and impressive snowmelt that turns streams into gushing rivers every spring.  

See Morocco’s century-old trails of berbers and traders, from the winding maze Imperial Citys of Fez (medina) to the carnival & street-theater of the Djemaa El Fna in Marrakesh (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).. 

Student Testimonials from Previous Trips

Traveling to Morocco with Qasid offered me the unique opportunity to experience another Arabic-language culture right in the middle of my time in Jordan. This broadened my understanding of the Arab world, giving me a chance to compare the features of these two countries based almost entirely on first-hand experience. Even the plane ride on Saudi Airlines offered an interesting cultural adventure! In addition to all of this, I had the chance to get closer with my peers and make memories in perhaps the most beautiful country I’ve ever travelled to. I know I’ll look back fondly upon this trip for years to come!

Bryan Metzger

The Qasid trip to Morocco exceeded all expectations! This was my first time to the Middle East (and North Africa) and I feel that I got a great sense for Moroccan culture and life in a few short days. There was something for everyone on the trip – shopping, swimming, hiking, visiting workshops, eating, etc – and it felt like a well-rounded experience of many of the things Morocco has to offer.

Ksenia Ryzhova

I attended the first Qasid trip to Morocco, and it was so well organized and thought out I can’t even imagine how it could improve. We got the chance to experience the culture at such a local level that I feel could only be achieved through traveling with Qasid.   

Gabriella C Morris

I had the most amazing time on this trip! All the activities were so cool, and the Qasid group leaders were awesome. This was the highlight of my summer, and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this incredible experience.

Holly Northcutt

Qasid’s trip to Morocco was amazing. The chaperones met me at my Arabic comprehension level and pushed me to use the Arabic that I had in everyday situations. The scheduled stops were informative and culturally significant, but what I enjoyed most was the spontaneous encounters with the local population which gave insight into daily life in Morocco.

Ada Ledford McKinney

Our trip to Morocco was the perfect immersive learning experience! The blend of immersion, learning, and enjoyment is something that I think embodies the Qasid experience and the trip to Morocco was characterized by all three of these elements. Our Qasid guides brought such a fun atmosphere to the trip, and our local guides all added to the experience immensely.

Lillian McCabe