Nature and Outdoors

Your first impression of Jordan might be all desert, but think again. From the fertile green hills of the north, to the stunning nature reserve in the southern Dana Valley, Jordan offers plenty of ways to experience the great outdoors.

Dana Reserve

The Dana Biosphere Reserve is one of Jordan's best natural areas, with ample opportunities to hike, camp, birdwatch and otherwise get close to nature. It's a wonderful place to escape Jordan's cities and spend a few days hiking, enjoy some village atmosphere and look for wildlife.

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib, proudly called the ‘Grand Canyon of Jordan’. It is the lowest nature reserve on Earth, the Mujib Valley ends 400 metres below sea level. Enjoy epic adventures walking, wading and canyoning or venture into the canyon at its outflow, working your way through the pool-studded gorge to a hidden waterfall. adventure and hiking in its trail.

Dead Sea

At 408m below sea level – the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea is a great place to float and rub the Dead Sea salt and minerals for their friendly property. It's also a great opportunity to wind-down with a nice dinner and watch the sunset across the water and look across to the West Bank and the distant lights of Jerusalem.