Whatever one’s religious persuasion, it’s hard not to be moved by Jordan's religious heritage. This is the site, archaeologists assure us, where John the Baptist preached, where Jesus was baptised, where the first five apostles met, and where, thereby, the foundations of the early Christian faith were laid.

Madaba, with mosaic-decorated churches reflecting its rich Christian heritage, is the perfect base for exploring the area. From here you can visit the castles of Karak and Shobak, and the spot where it's said Moses first saw the Promised Land at Mt Nebo. You're also just a short hop from Amman and the Dead Sea.

Jordan is also one of the spots where according to the Islamic tradition prophets made special prayers, treaded and walked its valleys and hilltops. Tombs and meeting-areas of the Prophets and Sahaba (Among whom are: Aaron, Shu’ayb, Dawud, Solomon, Noah, Lot, John, Job, Abu Ubaida, Mu’ad Ibn Jabal and more).