Immersion, Tours and Excursions

Off-the-beaten-track tours with Qasid

  1. Structured Cultural Immersion: Exciting opportunity to increase your knowledge of the diverse Arab culture, its dialects and history
  2. Private Historical, Cultural and Culinary Tours: Discover sights and traditional food that very few people get to see and try.
  3. Leave the Planning & Explanation to Us: Personalized tour that will help envelop the spirit of the local culture and atmosphere of the trip
  4. Giving peace of mind without worrying about the details: We strive to make your trip of a high standard and help smoothen your trip from any negative elements that you might face in the society of a foreign country.

Trips within Jordan

Trips outside of Jordan

Talks, events and workshops

In addition to trips, we also help expand students’ Arabic language experience through better understanding and knowledge of present-day Jordan through workshops, Arab culture events and discussions on Jordanian politics, Islam, democracy, media, arts, human rights, the role of refugees, and multiculturalism.[su_row]