Travel and Visas

Several airlines serve Jordan from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Among the more popular are KLM, Lufthansa, and Royal Jordanian. Prospective students that are having trouble making suitable arrangements should feel free to contact us for assistance.

With respect to entry, any US | Canadian | UK | EU passport holder can get a hassle-free visa upon arrival at Jordan’s Queen Alia International Airport, however, if convenient, we recommend acquiring one at a local embassy or consulate before your flight. Prospective students that hold a passport for other than one of these nationalities should inquire about visa procedures with their local embassy.

While the majority of students arrive in Jordan by plane, for those who anticipate crossing into Jordan via a land route, please contact Ayman at for specific instructions regarding assistance getting to your home for the term.

Important notes on the Visa Extension process:

While securing a visa is generally simple and straight-forward, it's extension is a multi-step process requiring both coordination and attention to deadlines.

  • Upon arrival in Amman, unless you have already secured a visa from your home country, you will purchase a visa at the airport customs point (current cost 40 JD /$56). This is a one month visa. As a student planning to stay longer than that, you will need to extend your visa to 3 months. During the first week of classes, our staff will assist you by coordinating and escorting you to the appropriate local offices so your one month visa can be extended to three months. For students only studying at Qasid for one term, this initial extension suffices to cover the duration of their stay. However, for those planning to study two or more terms, an additional three month extension is required towards the end of the student’s first, three month stay. At the end of these two, 3-month extensions (6 months from their initial arrival), all visitors to Jordan (students or otherwise) are required to leave the country unless they have secured a residency permit. Many students use this 6 month juncture as a time to briefly travel around the region whether to Turkey, the Emirates, Lebanon, etc. Students may then reenter Jordan and start the visa clock anew.
  • While low-cost flights around the region are typically easy to find through competitive price searching, this additional, required travel expense should certainly be factored into a student’s budget planning.
  • Please note that as a private institution, Qasid is not able to provide its students with residency permits.