UC Irvine 2 Quarter Access - 2019-20
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Please click on the button below to proceed with the payment to gain access to the online resources in Canvas

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- After the payment is complete, please DO NOT close your browser. You will be re-directed to a link that will give you access to the online course in Canvas
- On the page where you will be re-directed, you have 2 options (I am a new user, I already have a Qasid Arabic Institute login). If you have access Canvas content on Qasid's Canvas (not your university's) before, select "I already have a Qasid Arabic Institute login" and log in with your email and password. Otherwise, select "I am a new user" and create your account.
- If you have any problems, submit a ticket at [help.qasid.com](https://help.qasid.com/)

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[Purchase Canvas Access | \$ 30](https://secure.2checkout.com/checkout/buy?merchant=103033363&return-url=https%3A%2F%2Fcanvas.qasid.com%2Fenroll%2FLHYGRA&return-type=redirect&tpl=default&prod=UoC2019-20_Q2&qty=1&signature=345582bece7cd08af7cbaf397e71506f6775e199376a0af8fe4c7365472927dc)

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