Apart from periods of a warm but moderate climate in spring and fall, weather in Jordan is characterized by extremes. As for summer, there is clearly a warming trend, with conditions increasingly tending towards a Gulf region (Khalij) style climate. Conversely, in winter, students need a sturdy jacket, long-johns, winter caps, gloves, and other warm clothing for the very frigid conditions; other items may be purchased here.Please note that many students are caught off guard by the cold Jordan winters. So, in addition to the necessity of bringing the clothing items mentioned above, once here, many students will purchase small, plug-in, space heaters for additional warmth. Bearing that in mind, winter term students need to factor higher heating and utility costs into their budgets, the cost of which can be equitably split between roommates. Energy costs in all other seasons are typically nominal given the low-cost of operating a stationary fan, microwave and other common appliances.During our comprehensive orientation program at the start of the term, we thoroughly prepare students for a comfortable transition into Amman, in all of its various aspects.